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My Name is Fatma Hilal, a renowned Emirati photographer and flatlay stylist, invites you to learn how to take professional photos and style the perfect flatlay, with one of a kind masterclass, available In Arabic and English with only using your phone !

today you are here because you got the gift box from my vending machine and now you need to know how to shoot it - the tutorial video down below enjoy !

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How to shoot with your phone now

I'm going to show you how to use the things in your box to have the perfect shot :) 

you will need a white paper from your home at any size I picked the smallest size to show you how easy it can be. In this photo there is a sign where the light from the window comes from .. keep the day light for your shot

after you arrange the flowers and the macaron like this photo, please watch the video for how to shoot with your phone

this video for the portrait mode if you have in your phone and the next for the photo mode

After you finish with the shooting .. open Lightroom app for editing and if you don't have it save it Lightroom App 

when you are done follow the steps in the photos for the best editing for this shoot.

and once you are done , don't forget to save it as preset so you can use the filter again for your future photos

and then you will see the results 

there is a small perfume if you happen and got it in the box then I prefer you use a cup of tea or coffee and keep it like the photo with the flowers

If you enjoyed the tutorial and want to learn more you can become student in Fatma Hilal masterclass that contain 11 lessons and have two packages to choose from in here
online course


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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